Creating and Maintaining Safe Spaces for People of Color in Tech and Entrepreneurship

We are working hard to collect as many resources as we can to help others during this time. If you would like to help our movement please consider a donation to support Code Burnout

Mental Health Resources for Those Who Are Protesting and Covid-19 relief

Free Therapy Sessions

This form was made to offer 1-2 free virtual processing sessions for Black people who were on the frontlines of the recent protests in Chicago, as a response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

BLHF's COVID-19 Virtual Therapy Campaign

COVID-19 has had a profound and unprecedented impact on all of our daily lives. The COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support campaign was developed to cover the cost for virtual or tele-therapy services by licensed, culturally competent clinicians in our network for up to five (5) sessions.

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness Low Cost Therapy

This Chicago-based organization focuses on making emotional support more accessible for Black women through workshops, community support, and resource distribution.


Loveland Therapy Fund recipients will have access to a comprehensive list of mental health professionals across the country providing high quality, culturally competent services to Black women and girls.

SNaPCo - Taking Care of Our Own Fund

The TCOOO Fund provides direct financial support for trans folks navigating personal emergencies. When Trans folks of color are in need, often times their cries for help go unanswered. 

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund posts bail to secure the safety and liberty of people in jail and immigration detention.

We work to build a critical mass against the mass detention of LGBTQ individuals.

Trans Cultural District

The Transgender District’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is to assist the trans community with a cash stipend of $150.00 during this shelter-in-place to help our community get the things they need to get through this unexpected life event. 

House of GG

In urban centers and small cities across the South we work with local Trans women to organize retreats for those who want to build connection to each other: family and communities that support their lives. Scholarship Available. 

Are you a company or corporation looking for . . .

resources to improve your toxic environment and create a safe place for diversity and inclusion?

Inclusion Nation

At Inclusion Nation, we believe that the shifting demographics of the workforce require inclusive leaders equipped with the skills to lead a rapidly transforming workplace. 

Justice Informed

Justice Informed is a social impact consulting firm with four strategic service areas: diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); community engagement and strategic planning; public policy-informed corporate social responsibility; and equity-focused philanthropy.

Awakening Aspirations

Colleague Cohesion & Empathy Seminar, I’ll look closely at your leadership style as well as your current system of communication. Then, based on your group’s unique needs, I will develop a strategy that will get you gelling as a group.

Black Lives Matter

We are fighting against injustice and to reforming the system. 

America needs to change.  

Our reliance of militarized policing created the need to protest militarized policing.

Stop. Killing. Us.


Take Action

Text “Floyd” to 55156 which will text you a link to sign the online petition for the arrests of the officers who murdered George Floyd.


—>612-324-4499 to demand Officers Thomas Lane, You Thao and J. Alexander Kueng be arrested immediately for the murder of George Floyd.

—>502-735-1784 to demand Officers John Mattingly, Bret Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove be terminated and charged with the murder of Breonna Taylor.

—>770-800-0689 to demand the GBI bring charges against the McMichael’s and Willian Bryan, and investigate and bring charges against Glynn County Police Officer Robert Rash for their role in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing.

If You're Angry About The Death Of George Floyd, Here Are 9 Places You Can Support

Late in the last week of May, cities across America erupted in protests, angry about the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and about the pattern of police violence against Black people. In Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed after...

Black lives matter: why are so many brands silent?

Black people and their allies are taking to the streets. The complicity and brutality of the US police force is undeniable. Influencers are using their platforms to raise money for bail, for mental health support, for education. White people are either asking how can they help? What can they do?



When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels

When I heard about the tragic murder of 18-year-old Nia Wilson, who was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in Oakland last month, I could feel my heart begin to bleed. My community of black women were grieving yet again.

Walking While Black

"My only sin is my skin. What did I do, to be so black and blue?" -Fats Waller, "(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue?" "Manhattan's streets I saunter'd, pondering." -Walt Whitman, "Manhattan's Streets I Saunter'd, Pondering" Article continues after advertisement My love for walking started in childhood, out of necessity.

(1981) Audre Lorde, "The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism" *

In June 1981, Audre Lorde gave the keynote presentation at the National Women's Studies Association Conference, Storrs, Connecticut. Her presentation appears below. Racism. The belief in the inherent superiority of one race over all others and thereby the right to dominance, manifest and implied. Women ...

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice. **Note this article is continually updated to ensure each item is accurate and needed today.**.

Resources for White People to Learn and Talk About Race and Racism

In October, we posted about our process and reasoning for race-based caucusing at Fractured Atlas . It's been a few months since then, so we wanted to continue sharing our experiences. As the White Caucus Liaison at Fractured Atlas, I'm often asked about resources that the Fractured Atlas White Caucus reads and discusses.

A Decade Of Watching Black People Die

subscribe to Code Switch podcast subscribe to Code Switch podcast The last few weeks have been filled with devastating news - stories about the police killing black people. At this point, these calamities feel familiar - so familiar, in fact, that their details have begun to echo each other.

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Listen to Small Doses with Amanda Seales episodes free, on demand. Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems with, "Small Doses," a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker - and even in your car.

Do you live in a bubble? A quiz

Do you live in a bubble? There exists a new upper class that's completely disconnected from the average white American and American culture at large, argues Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist and author. Take this 25-question quiz, based on a similar one published in Murray's 2012 book, "Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010," to find out just how thick your bubble is.