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Managing our mental health in the tech space

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Sometimes what our job offers is not enough to get through the challenges of our day to day work. We are building a list of resources to help

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Peel back the face of the Tech Working Environment

Our mission is to help black people feel supported from the moment they are starting their career in tech, in the height of their career, the lowest point and even if they venture out on their own to start their own consultancies and businesses. We are here to help you thrive.

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#BlackSelfCare: We deserve to thrive

#BlackSelfCare: We deserve to thrive

After eight weeks of sheltering in place, I was exhausted physically and mentally. Trying to keep up with my regular workload felt more difficult as people tried to act like the world was not shutting all the way down. Between worrying about my family’s health and...

Covid- 19 Made Me Become An Entrepreneur

Covid- 19 Made Me Become An Entrepreneur

I remember when I used to be so excited to be one of the few people in my family to have a bachelor’s degree. My family was extremely proud of my accomplishment, and the numerous specialized certifications I received. Sometimes, my degree made me feel powerful and...

When people all of a sudden can’t hear you in a meeting…

When people all of a sudden can’t hear you in a meeting…

Dealing with mansplaining? Always speaking up in meetings and no one hears you? But a male coworker literally repeats word for word what you said and all of a sudden everyone can hear again.....🙃 So what is mansplaining? mansplaining /ˈmanˌsplāniNG/ noun INFORMAL the...


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