About Code Burnout

The Founder of Code Burnout

Ehi Aimiuwu

After 4 years of working in corporate as a technologist and 2 years working as a entrepreneur, I realized one thing, I was extremely stressed out.

I managed by going to therapy, finding the right support and self care (whenever I get the chance to) Throughout my journey, I wondered how many other people like me are suffering, managing or even worse ignoring it. 

I am not at all a medical professional, nor have the solution to treat all stress and mental health issues, always seek a medical professional. My goal is to have a safe space to talk about it and for large companies to make room for mental health, in their benefits or in their overall company culture. 

Code Burnout is a space for talking out the issues that exist and creating a safe space for it. Our goal is to let those who are in these high pressed spaces to know that they are not alone and there is always time to take a breather.

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